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The word inspired is often used to describe a person who has
accomplished some great task or achieved a level of success. Webster’s
dictionary defines “inspired” as “outstanding or brilliant in a way or to
a degree suggestive of divine inspiration.” “A divine influence on a
person held to qualify him to receive and communicate sacred revelation is
the definition of inspiration.” This definition confirms that our higher
thoughts come from God.

The ability to fulfill our desires is hindered only by our ability to
receive God’s grace. The Creator has the ability to grant us any spiritual
or material thing we desire. What limits us is our understanding of how to
receive them. It would be as if the Creator were a television satellite
circling the Earth, sending out signals across space and time, and we did
not own a receiver.

It makes no difference whether we call it our soul, our mind, or our
spirit; the truth of the matter is each and every one of us owns a
receiver. What usually happens, though, is that through ignorance or
unawareness we have it tuned to the wrong station. What’s worse is that
sometimes we choose to turn our receiver off because we don’t want to hear
the message.

The reason we don’t pursue our dreams is fear. When we choose not to turn
the receiver on, it’s because we know that once we are aware, we are
responsible. Once we are responsible, we are accountable. For this reason,
some feel it’s easier to stay unaware than to take action and risk being
disappointed. Unfortunately, this keeps us from experiencing all the grace
the Creator has to give. When you’re ready to move beyond fear and
limitation joins with us at Full Recovery. Tap into the source and live
without boundaries.

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  1. Those who inspire others are more often then not humble beings. Because not only do they not try and inspire but don’t even recognize when they do! Inspiration can come from any doorway as long as one is willing to answer the door.

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