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You hold the key

Nothing is more tragic than inertia of the mind, for a stagnant mind is the breeding ground for fear. Fear keeps us from achieving our dreams and desires. It closes our minds and poisons our soul.  Lack of faith in ourselves, which is really lack of faith in God’s own handiwork keeps us stuck and unfulfilled. Our lack of courage becomes evident in the temporary distractions we choose to keep us from looking at ourselves and moving forward.  Whether  booze, sex, drugs, work, food, procrastination or anything else they are but short-term solutions to the gut level problem known as a lack of confidence.  The jailor of our dreams is the reflection in the mirror. Pray for courage. Have faith. Let go absolutely and take action. Live your destiny and unleash your greatness on the world. We need you now more than ever. Dare to live your full potential. Miracles happen when you expect one.

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