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Monthly archive for August 2013

Blessings Available Today!

Addiction is a disease of selfishness and isolation. Both these traits run counter to abundant living. To enjoy peace of mind, you need to move beyond these carryovers from the disease of addiction and tap into a power greater than yourself. You have already been blessed with

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Intense, Single-Minded Focus

Have you ever run out of cigarettes in a place where you could not find one?  Have you ever needed a drink or drug and none was available? You can substitute any addiction you may have faced to illustrate this example. If you are or have ever been

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You Hold The Key

Nothing is more tragic than inertia of the mind, for a stagnant mind is the breeding ground for fear. Fear keeps us from achieving our dreams and desires. It closes our minds and poisons our soul.  Lack of faith in ourselves, which is really lack of faith

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Get Inspired!

The word inspired is often used to describe a person who has accomplished some great task or achieved a level of success. Webster’s dictionary defines “inspired” as “outstanding or brilliant in a way or to a degree suggestive of divine inspiration.” “A divine influence on a person

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Every Bottom Has A Basement

Everyday when I awoke I told myself I would not drink and drug today.  Every night before I passed out I told myself I would do better tomorrow.  This cycle of addition, failure and remorse continued year after year.  I had many horrific bottoms when I told  myself

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The Silent Killer

There’s a silent killer attacking America today.  It is ruining our economy, wrecking relationships and stealing our joy.  It gets passed from person to person like a virus having a gradual and cumulative effect.  This new addiction is called FEAR.  Fear of failure, Fear of success, Fear of

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Removing The Barriers

Experiencing all the joy and abundance a sober life has to offer includes learning how to remove the mental barriers that prevent us from experiencing a full recovery. The same skill set required to get and stay sober can be used to achieve outstanding results in all

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Waht Do You Really Want?

Would you like to be a certain type of professional and earn a large salary or are you just daydreaming? Are you willing to invest the time needed to get an education, learn more about your business, and achieve that goal, or are you better at making

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