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Intense, Single-Minded Focus

Have you ever run out of cigarettes in a place where you could not find one?  Have you ever needed a drink or drug and none was available? You can substitute any addiction you may have faced to illustrate this example. If you are or have ever been addicted to anything, you know the intense, single-minded focus you are capable of when necessary.   I have been in these situations and am quite aware of how creative I can be when properly motivated. The difference is that now I use my powers of persuasion and enthusiasm to accomplish my positive, worthwhile goals. I discovered that this character trait can be used for a higher purpose. I had been misusing my gift. Now that I’m aware I have turned what once was a character defect into an asset. You can too. I am not suggesting you be manipulative, underhanded, or   pushy in any way. What I am suggesting is that you use the same ability to focus and take action to accomplish your positive, worthwhile goals.  If your project and goals are intelligently designed, they will be a benefit to you and all with whom you come into contact.  Remember there is no waste in nature.  Everything built into YOU  by the creator can also be put to good use. Every experience is an education. You can turn adversity into opportunity and addiction into inspiration. You were not meant to live a dull or mediocre life.  Unleash YOUR Greatness! The process needed to live a fill abundant and rewarding life beyond sobriety is can be taught, learned and duplicated.

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