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Removing The Barriers

Experiencing all the joy and abundance a sober life has to offer includes learning how to remove the mental barriers that prevent us from experiencing a full recovery. The same skill set required to get and stay sober can be used to achieve outstanding results in all areas of our lives. Addiction is a disease of selfishness and isolation. Both these traits run counter to abundant living. To develop an abundance awareness requires moving beyond these carryovers from the disease of addiction and tapping into a power greater than yourself. All of have been given special gifts and talents. We have already been blessed with everything we need to create a full and abundant recovery. These traits are built into us and part of our birthright. They don’t have to be manufactured; you just have to draw them out. Until you realize your oneness with the universe, you will be unable to demonstrate abundance. You might be in possession of money, friendship, education, material possessions, or love and still not be able to recognize or enjoy any of them. Your existence will remain one of separateness and fear until you learn to become aware. Give yourself permission to unleash your greatness.


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