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Monthly archive for October 2013


One of the greatest joys of a recovery is the ability to connect with another human being at the deepest level. The disease of addiction is one of isolation and separateness. Full Recovery is the realignment of the egos divisiveness through the union of mind, body, spirit

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Be careful how you talk to yourself.  Whatever words you say following the statement “I am” will limit what you believe about yourself and the world believes about you.  Whatever words follow “I am” gets anchored into your subconscious mind. Through repletion and acceptance these thoughts become

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Money ?

Many who consider themselves sober or spiritually advanced consider money or financial security as an unworthy goal.  I believe money is a tool to be used and a commodity to be exchanged.  A certain amount of money is a requirement to enjoy a quality life in a

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Perfect Harmony

So You’re Sober; What’s NEXT?  I asked myself this question back in 1990 and the answer changed the course of my life. Your question might be, So I’m unemployed, or So I graduated in a bad economy, or So I just got divorced; WHAT’S NEXT? Addiction and fear

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Don’t Quit!

Don’t quit before the Miracle happens. Many of us are great starters but poor finishers. We have a yearning to accomplish some task like get sober, start a business, find that special relationship or change our lives in some meaningful way. Unfortunately we give up just before

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