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Don’t Quit!

Don’t quit before the Miracle happens. Many of us are great starters but poor finishers. We have a yearning to accomplish some task like get sober, start a business, find that special relationship or change our lives in some meaningful way. Unfortunately we give up just before our goal is to be realized. Our need for instant gratification doesn’t allow us to stay the course for the necessary time needed to accomplish our task.  One acronym for the word time is T- I – M – E – Things-I-Must-Earn. When a farmer takes an action and plants a seed he must wait the proper amount of time for his crops to grow and all the impatience in the world will not make them grow any faster. The human mind is often compared with fertile soil. Jesus told us” As you sow so shall you reap.” Be careful as to the thoughts you plant in your mind. Whatever seeds or thoughts you cultivate will bear fruit. If you continuously plant the same old thoughts, you will receive the same old results. You can’t plant corn and expected to grow mushrooms. If you plant thoughts of impatience, doubt and fear that is what you’ll reap. If you choose not to plant anything, your fertile soil will grow weeds. The same is true of your mind. You must constantly care for your mind. Pull out the weeds and fertilize it with good ideas if you want it to return an abundance of crops. Whatever you plant in your mind will grow. Plant the seed; let God do the work, then give time, TIME!

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