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Be careful how you talk to yourself.  Whatever words you say following the statement “I am” will limit what you believe about yourself and the world believes about you.  Whatever words follow “I am” gets anchored into your subconscious mind. Through repletion and acceptance these thoughts become personalized. Your mind figures out how to turn them into reality. You become what you think about. An easy way to reprogram your mind for success is change  what follows your “I am “. Rather than saying  I am broke, or I am depressed or I am lonely practice statements like I am happy, I am enjoying a full and prosperous recovery, I am loved, I am healthy, I am trusting my Higher Power to guide my steps, I am capable of creating the life of my choosing, I am unstoppable.  When Moses went up Mount Sinai and encountered the burning bush, which represented God, he asked “what shall I call you” and the answer came back “I am that I am.”  That sums it up.  God is all things, omniscience, omnipresent, the beginning and the end, unlimited, and unbounded potentiality.  You are a child of God.  Like begets like. We all are part of the” I am that I am.” We all are unlimited potential. We all have unlimited possibilities. Recognize this truth, change your internal conversation and you will change your reality.  I am an alcoholic. I am sober; what’s next?  Read “Full Recovery” available on Amazon B+N Kindle, Nook and all electronic media.

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