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One of the greatest joys of a recovery is the ability to connect with another human being at the deepest level. The disease of addiction is one of isolation and separateness. Full Recovery is the realignment of the egos divisiveness through the union of mind, body, spirit and love.  A successful and purposeful life in recovery is possible without that special significant other in our lives but some of the joy is lost.  What are you seeking in a relationship? Do you want a spouse or partner? Do you believe a long-term monogamous relationship is possible? Are you fearless enough to expose yourself to potential heartbreak? Or are you all get and no give, taking what’s easy and moving on when the going gets tough. Don’t be too quick to give up on your current relationship. I hear it all the time: we are so different or we have grown apart. In many cases this is a cop-out. There is a reason you are different. You were made that way. Try complimenting each other by appreciating one another for who you are. Your shortcomings may be your partners’ strength. Try focusing on what you like about your spouse or partner and stop focusing on what you don’t like. Changing your focus changes your reality.

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  1. The Full Recovery book and action plan was and still remains a significant part of my recovery . Like many people, places and things that where put in my life, FR was instrumental in filling a void
    The foundation of my personal recovery and the recovery of many whom I am close with all agree that a power greater must be our director. The book expresses a point that greatly helped my development and subsequent relationship with a power greater than myself . Universe is explained as meaning one song. For harmony to exist and achieve balance we need to be at one (Uni)with all . Unity in any form creates harmony .Trust is the release of fear. Any relationship based on trust is bonded in love . A bond of love is relationship of Unity with all. Above all a relationship with a power greater

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