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One major component separating the successful from the unsuccessful in recovery, personal relationships or even a career is the ability to manage fear.  Living in fear is seductive and habit forming. It is as addictive as any drug, and much like drug addiction, it develops so subtly that it is well established before it becomes apparent. Fear keeps us trapped in unproductive patterns of thought and action. There is an insidious quality to fear that allows it to reproduce itself like a virus. It gets passed from person to person by way of mindless chatter and gossip and, as a result, has a gradual and cumulative effect.  We run into problems when we let this one emotion be the principle guiding force in our life. No matter how hard we try we cannot change the past. We can only change the now, this moment, which in turn will give us a different future. This is why the slogan “one day at a time” is such a valuable tool in learning to overcome fear. It keeps our challenges confined to a manageable twenty four hours. Another way to assure we don’t become consumed by fear is to live with a clear conscience. This allows us to focus on solutions to life’s challenges rather than fear of retribution from past misdeeds.  For me developing a personal relationship with a God of my understanding brings an ever increasing level of joy and abundance into my life.  Understanding that God has individualized himself in me, and “YOU” through our soul, mind and life force has had a profound ability to alleviate my fears. We all have a purpose. We are not here by chance.  We would not be here participating in this reality if God did not will it. When we fearlessly press forward achieving our destiny we experience the peace derived from living our truth. There are many strategies for living in the day and overcoming fear these are but a few. I delve much deeper into the process in the  book Full Recovery. Recovery in all its richness is an exciting adventure not a chore to be endured.
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  1. Fear is the cause to the effect of anger . The book of Alcoholics Anonymous asks us “why are we in so much fear”? and before the reader has time to even think of a reason, the author simply states ” is it not because self reliance has failed us” If I am centered in self then I cut off the light of the spirit. Self can not get out of self . If I live centered in self the spirit is merely a manifestation of the same cause. God is cause not self.. The spirit precedes self , But self centered living creates a disturbance in peace and serenity. Blocking the light

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