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Practice – Practice – Practice

Preparedness and a plan of action are necessary in order to become an expert in any field of endeavor. It makes no difference if we’re trying to have better relationships, develop a deeper more abiding faith, get sober, or advance in our chosen career, there is no substitute for practice. All of our habits, either productive or limiting, have developed through practice and repetition.  What are you practicing?  Are you rehearsing success, joy, and contribution or do you focus on negativity, limitation, fear and addiction? True professionals practice the essentials on a daily basis. That’s how they can perform so well under pressure. They don’t get rattled by life’s challenges. They have learned to embrace uncertainty. You’ve no doubt seen a basketball player make a clutch foul shot or a place kicker wander onto the field with seconds left on the clock and kick the winning field goal. These accomplishments don’t happen by accident. Being able to perform under pressure is the result of endless hours of practice doing the basics. They make it look easy because they are well prepared. To become proficient at the skills needed to reach your full potential, while enjoying peace of mind, will take the same commitment and perseverance. Deliberate, focused, well-planned action will turn your dreams into reality.

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