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Changing Direction?

Are you experiencing Harmony in your life?  Or, are you floundering in a state of anxiety, addiction and fear worrying about situations that are beyond your control? One synonym for the word harmony is heaven. When you are in harmony with the present moment you know peace. When you focus on past mistakes or future challenges that have not yet taken place you are not in harmony with the present moment so you suffer. The universe is in constant harmony. Everything unfolds as it should. How well you are able accept this truth will directly affect your level of serenity. Perhaps your present challenges are just the way the universe is letting you know it’s time to change direction in life. All creatures either learn to adapt and change or go extinct and this has been true since the beginning of time. Rather than fighting reality or becoming frozen with fear look for the lesson in whatever adversity you are currently facing. Rather than running from the problem try running TO God. Ask your Higher Power which direction you should be heading “today!” This is accomplished through intelligent prayer. Next breath deeply, calm your mind and listen for the answer. The best way to accomplish this is by meditation. When the answer comes take fearless action and don’t look back. Bring your will into Gods’ will for you and you’ll experience harmony and peace of mind. Looking for some fresh inspiration and practical instruction on living a harmonious life?  Read Full Recovery.  Seeking a holistic treatment program for addiction then visit

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