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No one really wants to be an addict. It is a miserable way to live. Addiction is the opposite of freedom and in no way resembles abundant living. It is an acquired habit that is rooted in self-deception and fear. Addiction of any kind lowers our consciousness by occupying our focus. It deludes us into believing we can deceive ourselves and others. This deception and the prospect of being caught makes us fearful and this fear becomes a distraction that destroys our creativity. Addiction interferes with our creative impulses. It prohibits us from being able to organize our good ideas in any meaningful way. We are unable to stay productive or exercise any rational choice regarding our actions or enterprise because our focus is constantly being drawn away from our dreams and toward our addiction. The paradox of addiction is that in our attempt to empower ourselves through artificial means, we actually give up our free will to those outside forces we turned to for empowerment. The very thing we use to grant ourselves control over our unpleasant internal state becomes the cause of our internal distress. The reality is that although fear and addiction can destroy the connection with our creativity, they cannot destroy our potential to do great things. Our potential is a God-given birthright and part of our destiny. Our ability to create and achieve is a choice. As with creativity, recovery is also a choice. It is right thinking. It is soundness of thought and action. Recovery allows us to realign the misguided perception of the material world, which the ego has created, with the true nature of the universe as God creates it. Today you can choose to begin a life-changing experience.  You may be sober, or on the way to sobriety, but are you struggling to take the next step, achieve Full Recovery, and experience life in all its richness? Full Recovery will show you how to take that step and realize your dreams. Your dreams of abundance will become reality if you simply make a commitment to listen and take action. My definition of abundance goes far beyond money and material wealth. It includes sobriety, love, truth, health, spiritual prosperity, and peace of mind. You will be given the tools to awaken within you the ability to create a compelling future and achieve your destiny. Stop settling for scraps and start living life to the fullest TODAY!  Read Full Recovery Creating A personal Action Plan for Life Beyond Sobriety, or visit
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