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Developing a working spirituality.

For years I lived a godless life and I achieved godless results. I lived in a drunken world of my own making where I played the God role. Spiritual bankruptcy and mental anguish finally beat me into a state of reasonableness. I was beyond human aid. I sought out a God of my understanding not the God of my youth. I was not getting the answers I was seeking from my old belief system so I started asking myself better questions such as; How can a concept of God be developed? I chose to look at God in the traits that I witness and attribute to God.
God is life and creation, not just living, but all life and creation that ever was and ever will be. God is all abundance, joy, and growth. Our universe is expanding. Every atom that exists is expanding. Everything, even the empty space between your fingers, is expanding and this has been scientifically proven.
When you feel happiness, you expand, you stand taller, your physical expressions get larger; you smile and your mouth gets broader. On the other hand, when you feel fear or depression, you contract, your shoulders droop, your mouth and lips purse, your face and brow wrinkle and shrink. Our universe is expanding. Our knowledge is expanding. You are made to expand. There is no doubt in God’s actions. Our God is one of joy and growth.
God is love, for without love we would not be sharing this experience. To be selfless, caring, and loving is human. It separates us from all other creatures. To love our neighbor as we love ourselves allows us the privilege of being called children of God.
To love God is to be loved.
God is creative intelligence. It is humanity’s privilege to be self-aware. To pursue creative intelligence in an attempt to understand the world we inhabit, and to be able to communicate this experience with our fellow humans.
God is truth and understanding. Realizing that the Creator has expressed
himself through you is to be relieved of the burden of fear and doubt your ego
embraces. You would not be here having the potential you have if it were not
the Creator’s wish.
God is Spirit; therefore, you and I are Spirit also. The material world is a finite; the spiritual world is without end. God is the truth behind all the mathematical formulas and the constantly changing forces of nature. God is true reality and is forever manifesting and re-creating itself.
These are a few of the characteristics I attribute to God. These labels I choose and the depth of my understanding limit my concept of God. Still, it is a start. The miracle of sobriety has allowed me to expand my concept of God. This understanding has relieved much anxiety, allowing a free flow of ideas, which in turn manifest in my life as abundance.
How big is your God?
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