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Perfect Harmony

So You’re Sober; What’s NEXT? This is the question I asked myself back in 1990 that has changed the course of my life. I did not settle for simply getting sober, I realized that my recovery was a miracle not to be wasted. Your question might be, So I’m unemployed, or So I graduated in a bad economy, or So I just got divorced-WHAT’S NEXT?
Addiction and fear of success kept me STUCK… in unhappiness. Addiction was a symptom but my lack of faith in myself was the illness. The saying goes “God has a plan for everyman and he has one for you.” When I let go completely and decided to discover my true calling everything else in life fell into place.
… You have been created to fill a definite purpose. The Universe is in perfect harmony. If you are unhappy, anxious, addicted, or impoverished you are not in harmony with the universe There is a perfect place for you in the grand plan. Find that place and you will know peace and prosperity.
Ask better questions and you’ll receive better answers. A question might be “What would I attempt if success were guaranteed?” Or, How would I contribute joyfully to the betterment of mankind if I had unlimited time, freedom and money? These types of questions give you clues as to what you were created to do. When the answers come realize that God has built into you all the tools necessary to turn your dreams into reality. Let go and let God.
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