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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself While In Recovery

1. Change your Focus.  


Many fears are nothing more than misguided imaginings. Stop focusing on things you don’t want, such as obstacles, fears, or old ways of looking at life, and start focusing on what you do want to have happen in your life. Don’t look for the problem in the solution. Instead, rehearse your success in advance.

2. Celebrate All the Little Successes. 


Look at any team sport—football, for example. Can you imagine what sheer drudgery it would be if two teams suited up, took the field, and just pounded each other for an hour with no one ever having the opportunity to score a goal? It would be pretty miserable. That’s why it’s important to celebrate with your teammates whenever you score a first down or a touchdown, not just winning the game. By celebrating all the little successes along the way, you keep yourself and your teammates motivated and emotionally elevated. This gives you a better chance of winning. Keep it fun.

3. Develop Abundance Awareness. 

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For most people, this is the beginning of what probably is a new habit. The truth is, you can accomplish any task or acquire any material luxury for which you have a consciousness. (Webster’s Dictionary lists consciousness as a synonym for awareness. I think the word consciousness is necessary for this discussion because you may be aware of something yet not have the consciousness needed to bring about a demonstration of it.) To enjoy good health, you need a health consciousness. To be prosperous, you need a prosperity consciousness. To be successful, you need a corresponding success consciousness. To live with abundance, you must have abundance consciousness. You cannot achieve anything beyond your own consciousness.


 4. Live Inspired. 


To achieve a full recovery and move beyond the mediocre requires fearlessness and inspiration: the fearlessness to find a higher power of your understanding, and the faith needed to be inspired by and follow its leading. For full recovery, we have to be willing to be nonconformists once again, but this time we’ll be true nonconformists who are achieving their God-given destiny. True nonconformists have accomplished many of the greatest achievements in human history.


5. Live Your Truth.  


In your memories, your ego always makes sure you are the star of the show. What I mean by this is no matter what scenario your memories project, your ego equates only with how the situation impacts you. It makes no difference if the situation is good or bad because actual reality is of no concern to the ego. Often we cling to memories because we falsely believe they define who we are. By letting go of the past you can live your truth. Misguided beliefs lead to poor results. Truth is its own reward.

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