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Have you ever noticed you have a constant companion in your head that NEVER shuts up? It comments and judges without regard to truth or reality. It continues on with an endless mantra of unrelated dialogue. It asks and answers the questions it poses. Are you simply going along for the ride assuming this companion is you, even though nothing could be further from the truth? This voice is not you. This is your ego.

You are not the voice in your mind. You are the person hearing the voice in your mind. You are the awareness that hears the voice. You are no more the voice in your head that you are hearing than you are the objects you look at when you’re seeing. If you look at a car it does not make you a car. If you hear the incessant voice in your head (the ego) you are not what it tells you unless you choose to accept it, emotionalize it, and take action. If we are going to give meanings to our thoughts lets choose wisely and consciously. Weak minded negative thought patterns promote pain and lead to addiction. Drugs, alcohol and many other addictions are used to temporarily quiet the voice. Addictions are just a temporary distraction that ultimately destroys us.

The great spiritual minds throughout history has given us the solution to personal growth and peace of mind. Stop thinking about yourself, your problems and your daily challenges and start thinking about how you can be useful to others. Follow this up with prayer and meditation and you will KNOW peace of mind. Learn to reprogram the way you communicate with yourself.

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