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Perfect Harmony

So You’re Sober; What’s NEXT? This is the question I asked myself back in 1990 that has changed the course of my life. I did not settle for simply getting sober, I realized that my recovery was a miracle not to be wasted. Your question might be,

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Developing a working spirituality.

For years I lived a godless life and I achieved godless results. I lived in a drunken world of my own making where I played the God role. Spiritual bankruptcy and mental anguish finally beat me into a state of reasonableness. I was beyond human aid. I

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No Drugs Required

Are you anxious and worried? Self-medicating or struggling with addiction? Is fear of the future keeping you from enjoying the present? The problem is not money or lack of money; job or no job; relationship or no relationship. The problem is with the way you think; the

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Knowledge is NOT power.

The world is full of unemployed and under achieving very educated people. Years before I took action I KNEW I was an out of control addict/alcoholic. There was no power in that knowledge. Proper knowledge, unleashed on the right project, coupled with the ability to take consistent

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The courage to change

The serenity prayer says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” It’s easy to hide behind the “acceptance of things I cannot change” part of the prayer. 

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Adversity Is Often an Opportunity!

Most people associate adversity with pain.  Often, our fragile ego discourages looking for solutions or exploring new ideas because what if they don’t succeed?  It becomes easier and less painful to the ego to not even try rather than face the possibility of failing.  Your perceived problems are

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What are searching for?

No one really wants to be an addict. It is a miserable way to live. Addiction is the opposite of freedom and in no way resembles abundant living. It is an acquired habit that is rooted in self-deception and fear. Addiction of any kind lowers our consciousness

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Give Yourself Permission

Experiencing all the joy and abundance a sober life has to offer includes learning how to remove the mental barriers that prevent us from experiencing a full recovery. The same skill set required to get and stay sober can be used to achieve outstanding results in all

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Changing Direction?

Are you experiencing Harmony in your life?  Or, are you floundering in a state of anxiety, addiction and fear worrying about situations that are beyond your control? One synonym for the word harmony is heaven. When you are in harmony with the present moment you know peace. When you focus

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Practice – Practice – Practice

Preparedness and a plan of action are necessary in order to become an expert in any field of endeavor. It makes no difference if we’re trying to have better relationships, develop a deeper more abiding faith, get sober, or advance in our chosen career, there is no

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