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So You’re in Recovery —  What’s Next??

It’s no wonder Full Recovery has become a go-to resource for those in recovery and  treatment professionals alike. Brian McAlister’s personal journey from nomadic drug-addicted biker to successful entrepreneur and businessman is more than inspirationalAmazon Button.

Beyond serving as renowned guide for navigating the road to recovery,   McAlister takes readers on a spiritual journey of empowerment and self- discovery.  Through his own experiences and struggles, McAlister ultimately discovered the secret that turns addiction into inspiration, and designed a revolutionary program to help others turn their own defeat into personal success.

Overcoming addictive behavior is just the beginning of recovery.  Full Recovery provides practical instruction on harnessing the intense single-minded focus, so common in addictive personalities, and redirecting it to improve personal relationships, achieve financial abundance and increase career satisfaction.  No matter where you are on the road to recovery, this program will help you unlock your creativity and design a personal action plan for your life, and create momentum to achieve measurable results.

Everyone loves a great comeback story. Read this book, complete the lessons and follow the suggestions and you will have a starring role in the greatest comeback story you will ever tell…. Your own.


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