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How is Full Recovery different from a 12-Step program?

Many of our Full Recovery staff are members of a 12-step program. Full Recovery supports sponsorship and membership in a 12-step program. Your Full Recovery counselor is experienced in more than just getting and staying sober.  They are experts in the real-life relationship, career, financial and emotional reasons that cause to people relapse.  They will provide you with the tools needed to guide you to a life of sobriety, prosperity and fulfillment whether you choose to be a member of a 12 step program or choose an alternative support group . At Full Recovery our services are designed to seamlessly blend with a 12-step lifestyle. Membership is encouraged but we also work with clients who do not wish to participate in a 12 step program. We do however believe that a spiritually grounded way of life is an important component in achieving long-term recovery and membership in a support group is a strongly suggested .  Our mission is simple; help our clients achieve a rich and rewarding life in recovery.


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