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Why does Full Recovery produce such outstanding results?

We understand the challenges the substance abuser faces from an addicts perspective and know the solution.  Full Recovery counselors get substance abusers to buy-in because we’ve been there.  We treat everyone with respect.  We deal with the real-life issues that caused their problematic behaviors to begin with.  We uncover long-forgotten dreams and desires.  Our staff provides the personalized mentoring needed to achieve long-term success in recovery.  Through real-life examples and action plans, Full Recovery inspires clients to use challenges and adversity as sources of motivation to create a successful and meaningful life.  The Full Recovery system differs from all other rehabilitation programs.  We draw out long forgotten dreams and desires.  We just don’t show people “how” to avoid relapse, we give them the “why.” We make recovery FUN!  Full Recovery shows the client the rewards of a drug-free life style while providing the tools needed to reach their personal goals. We build on the individual’s talents and give practical instruction on turning dreams into reality.    Full Recovery produces measurable results. Our costs per person are extremely low and our return on investment extremely high.


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